Fibre Optic Broadband – Network Construction

During 2017 we hope to complete the construction of the F4RN fibre optic network in Fiskerton.

We’ve done the easy bit – moleploughing in fields – and we have tackled the major road crossings, so now most of the remaining work involves laying the ducting needs in the pavement.

During these ongoing works to bring the F4RN fibre optic network to the residents of the Parish it does mean that, from time to time, there may be small amounts of building materials or ducting left visible around the villages. Civic pride is a signifcant driver behind F4RN and, of course, the neat appearance of the villages is extremely important to the team. Currently there is a small amount of spoil at the corner of Station Road by the village green at Fiskerton. This is required for the second phase of the work which is planned for the weekend of 29th/30th July. Once the chambers and duct are fully installed, this material will be removed.

We absolutely pride ourselves on the quality of the work, and always leave an area in the best condition we that we can (many residents have taken the time to report how impressed they have been) but if you do have any concerns please raise them with us directly so was can take appropriate action.

Of course, all of this work is voluntary, and the quickest way to ensure that any impact is minimised is to help with the activities!

Please check or our Facebook page to  see how you can be involved.