Share Application Form

Investment in the F4RN Community Shares can either be made:

  • through the Microgenius web site, or
  • by completing a paper application form (see below) and sending this to us with a cheque to cover the amount invested.

Please make sure that you have read our detailed offer document and had all your questions answered before making an investment.

The target is to raise at least £120,000 with a maximum subscription of £150,000.  Investors are invited to invest at least £1000, with a maximum individual investment of £15,000.  All investors will automatically become members of the Community Benefit Society.

The share offer will open on 9th January 2016 and close 8 weeks later on 5th March 2016 or when the maximum target of £150,000 is reached, whichever is sooner.  The committee reserve the right to extend the offer beyond the initial period if they believe doing so would benefit the share issue.

Share Application Form v1.3