Wireless Broadband

Small “CPE” for a wireless broadband

Wireless broadband works using very technology which is very similar to the wireless internet connections used in portable computers and tablets.   A special transceiver (generally referred to as the “Customer Premise Equipment” or CPE) needs to be mounted high up on the house.  A direct line of sight is required between the CPE and the central transmitter so the CPE device is normally mounted on the TV aerial or on a dedicated pole fixed to the chimney or gable end.

The wireless broadband signals need to be transmitted over a longer distance than the Wi-Fi in the house, so the CPE looks a little different from a conventional wireless router.   Depending on how far the signal needs to be sent the CPE might be a small disk or something that looks more like a small satellite dish.

Larger “CPE” for transmission over longer distances

The line of sight is very important.  Wireless broadband does not work well through trees or buildings.

A cable is run from the CPE into the house and is then connected into a router (very similar to the standard router that is used on a conventional ADSL broadband connection provided via the telephone line).    Note that the router in the house is not the same as the device that connects to the phone line – although some routers may be suitable they need a “WAN” port (Wide Area Network) and will need to be configured to work with the wireless broadband CPE.  The company that provides the wireless broadband connection will also provide a suitable router if required.

The standard wireless broadband service offered by JHCS (Newark) operates at a download speed of 10Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps.  Unlike a satellite connection, the wireless signal does not suffer from high levels of “latency” so should be OK for online gaming (although this depends very heavily on what else is using the internet at that time).

Central Communication Points / Hubs

Central equipment mounted on a church tower

Although individual properties can be connected back to a remote wireless node, JHCS offer a reduced connection charge if clusters of 20 or more properties can be connected at the same time to a central hub that is installed in the village (see below).  To connect groups of houses to their system, the wireless broadband provider needs to have one or more of these central transmitters or “hubs”.  These equipment needs to be high up so will typically be mounted on a church tower or other tall building.  As well as the antennae that provide the final connection to the houses, the central hub will have some additional equipment mounted on the mast – these round or square devices provide the connection back to the central point and the backhaul onto the internet.

St Denis Church, Morton

The church in Morton (St Denis) is not suitable for the central hub – the tower is not tall enough and there are too many trees around the church to guarantee a good signal.

Equipment mounted on “bridge” house

The alternative is to mount the additional equipment on a house (the “bridge property”) sitting at the centre of a cluster of other properties that wish to connect to the wireless broadband.  Each bridge house will serve a cluster of 20 or more other properties. Some additional equipment needs to be installed in the loft or garage of the bridge house but in return (and in lieu of a payment for the electricity used to power this equipment) the bridge house will receive a free internet connection.

It is important to emphasise that a line of sight is needed between the equipment mounted on the house and the central hub.  If this is not possible then JHCS may be able to connect back to their equipment in another location but this will have an impact on the installation costs.


The following prices have been provided by JHCS:

Standard Installation (Individual Properties)
Hardware Full Price (inc VAT)
Wireless CPE £332.23
Router £78.00
Total Price £410.23
Download / Upload speed Full Price (inc VAT)
10Mbps / 1Mbps £23.99
Reduced Price (for clusters of 21+ properties with one acting as a bridge property)
 Hardware Full Price (inc VAT)
Wireless CPE £148.80
Router £78.00
Total Price £226.80
Download / Upload speed Full Price (inc VAT)
10Mbps / 1Mbps £23.99

These reduced prices will be offered if we provide JHCS with details of all properties that wish to be connected at the same time.  Please complete the Broadband Survey if you are interested in taking up this offer.

Costs for properties that cannot be connected to central hub

If a property cannot be connected to the bridge house, JHCS will still offer a discounted connection but the costs will increase due to the more expensive CPE equipment that they need to install.  The exact cost will be confirmed before installation but is expected to be in the range £244.12 to £387.60 (Prices include the router and VAT)