Let’s get fast broadband

We don’t need to wait for BT…

sa4n7Nottinghamshire County Council and BT are finally planning to upgrade our broadband and we’re included in Contract 2 Phase 2 (hooray!)


  • The details are still being negotiated with BDUK
  • Even if that can be agreed, the work won’t start until October 2017 – so realistically we can’t expect to be connected until 2018
  • And BT won’t guarantee the solution – so despite what their director said at our public meeting about a “three box solution”, BT won’t be held to that statement or commit to giving everyone in Fiskerton and Morton their “superfast” (>24Mbps connection)

While we’re left waiting the world has moved on!

  • Virgin are already offering a 200Mbps connection on their cable network
  • BT are now aiming to upgrade 40% of the population (so not the rural bits) to 300Mbps by 2020.

So it’s time to take control of our own future and build our own fibre optic broadband network for Fiskerton and Morton!

Our share offer will be launched in January – as soon as we have the Community Shares Standard Mark for the offer.

And we’re ready to go as soon as we have enough subscribers.  Have a look at the photos from our recent visit to Lancashire where they have built their own fibre optic broadband network which is already supplying over 1,200 customers. –>Here<–

If you want to know more about the campaign to bring high speed broadband to Fiskerton and Morton or would like more information on the options available then please

  • read the general introduction ->here<-
  • follow the links on the left hand side of this page or
  • email us at enquiries@f4rn.org.uk

Thank you.