Technical Support

Having problems with your broadband connection?  Here are a few things to try before getting in touch.

  • Is the router plugged in and switched on?  Are there any lights on (don’t worry about the colour)?  If not:
    • Check the power supply to the router – The power (PWR) light should be on
    • Check the leads
      • On a wireless connection the Ethernet lead should be plugged into port 1, and the green light number 1 should be lit/flashing
      • On a fibre optic network there should be a blue/white light labelled SFP
  • Do you have a computer plugged directly into the router?  If this still connects to the internet then there is a problem with the WiFi in the house.
  • Are you using a VOIP phone (such as Vonage)?  Does it still work?  If yes, then the problem is with the WiFi and not the F4RN internet.
  • On a wireless connection, check that the black “POE injector” is plugged in, switched on and the light on the black box is on.
  • Also on a wireless connection check that there are leads which go from
    • The wall plate to the “POE” port on the black “POE injector”
    • The “LAN” port on the black “POE injector” to Port 1 on the router
  • Are you using wireless extenders or power line carrier plugs?  Are they all plugged in and switched on?
  • If you connect  your computer / tablet / phone directly to the F4RN hub (and not via a WiFi extender etc) does it connect to the hub / internet?

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) at

Before you phone us, try the universal IT solution…  turn off the power to the router and the POE injector (if you have one), count to ten and then turn them back on.  Wait two minutes for everything to power up and connect.

Still having problems, then please contact us by email at, fill in the form on our contact page or phone 01636-857287 (please leave a message and one of the team will get in touch to help).

A few final thoughts…

F4RN is a community group run by volunteers.  Why not help out by sharing your experiences?  What works well for you?  Why not write something to add to our FAQ’s?