The leaders in rural community broadband are “Broadband for the Rural North” or B4RN.  They’ve been building their network since 2011 so have lots of experience.  It’s worth having a look at their resources page https://b4rn.org.uk/resources/ where there are guides on topics like:

Connection inside your house

F4RN fibre broadband provides download and upload speeds of many hundred Mbps.  For fixed devices like smart TVs, streamed video, Sky Box, games boxes, office computer etc.  the best way to get a full-speed interference-free connection is to use an ethernet wired link from one of the 5 sockets on the router.

Second best, if you have a Deco booster nearby is to take a wire from the Deco socket.

Wi-fi is convenient, but subject to serious limitations from: distance from router; walls, obstacles and reflections; interference from home devices; other users, including neighbours using the same channel.

Many of our customers use whole-home wi-fi boosters to help overcome the limitations, with Deco M5 one of the most popular.   WiFi FAQ

F4RN guides.