The leaders in rural community broadband are “Broadband for the Rural North” or B4RN.  They’ve been building their network since 2011 so have lots of experience.  It’s worth having a look at their resources page https://b4rn.org.uk/resources/ where there are lots of guides put together by the B4RN team and their community volunteers.

Well worth reading are the B4RN guides on:

If you want to upgrade your home network the best solution is to install a wired connection from the F4RN hub to the main places that you use the internet – smart TV, video, Sky Box, office computer etc.  This is the only way to take full advantage of the speeds now being delivered by the F4RN network.


WiFi is OK but it has it’s limitations – please have a look at our WiFi FAQ and also a guide on how you can reuse an old BT Hub to extend your wireless network

Here are the F4RN guides.  Please help us to add to these by sharing your own hints, tips and experiences.