Network Status

We try to make sure this page is updated as soon as possible with incidents as they happen

Service Outages

Network Status – Normal

Planned Engineering Works

Network Upgrades

We are planning to install two new internet feeds in to our cabinets at Green Drive and Arthur Radford Centre (SGA).  This may involve brief interruption of service, and for some customers a change of their external IP address.

Customers will be informed by e-mail when timing and details have been confirmed.

This work will effectively double our internet speeds, and improve the network resilience.

Network Upgrades – Regular upgrades to the firmware on the customer routers.  In order to ensure the security and performance of all customer routers we will apply firmware upgrades as and when they are released by the manufacturer.  These upgrades are carried out overnight at ~03:30 and when they take place there will be a short interruption in the internet connection, lasting no more than five minutes.

In rare circumstances, equipment plugged into the router, and wi-fi boosters, may not reconnect automatically.   These should be powered down and then re-powered to repair the connection.