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F4RN has a very simple mission – to deliver reliable, symmetrical, hyperfast, 100% fibre optic broadband to every property we can reach

We are a non-profit Community Benefit Society (a special form of Limited Company), run by a dedicated local team with the support of local landowners and volunteers.

Together we are delivering amazing broadband connections which transform your online experience.

If you want to join our community and enjoy the benefits of hyperfast, symmetrical broadband then why not sign up now?

Remember that our aim is to connect everyone who wants it to a 100% fibre optic network which is truly future proof.

To sign up or find out more contact us directly at enquiries<AT>

There’s also more information in the F4RN Brochure

What are we offering?BB Globe

Where fibre has been installed, you will receive a 100% fibre optic connection (“Fibre to the Home” or FTTH) from day 1.

Elsewhere we will either work with you to get a new fibre installed or look at providing a high performance wireless link while the fibre network is extended.

If you live beyond our core network then we why not work with us to build a new F4RN hub?   We will provide you with all the support needed to form a local delivery team to gain local support and to build the network.  There are also a number of grants and vouchers available for funding full fibre networks so if you can get together a cluster of business (SME) and residential customers we can also help obtain funding towards the project. #GigabitVoucher

Actual speeds will depend on the time of day and number of people connected but we monitor the loading closely and increase the capacity of our network as the number of connected customers increases.  Average speeds on F4RN fibre are typically 250-300Mbps or more download, 400Mbps+ upload  and the fibre network is capable of delivering 1000 MBps (1 Gigabit) in the future.

How do I get fibre?

If our fibre optic network runs close to your property and a link has been prepared,  getting fibre will involve laying a small duct 7mm diameter to your house.  This guide provide full details of what’s involved and we will be very happy to discuss the installation with you as well as providing advice and support.

What will it cost?

F4RN is a community project managed by volunteers.  We have mostly completed the backbone network for those customers who signed up to the scheme, and this now links 50% of the properties in Fiskerton and Morton.   Additional customers on this network, where a link has been prepared, can join for a connection charge of £210 which covers the installation and all equipment needed to provide your broadband connection.  As F4RN is a community, volunteer project, householders are expected to help get the ducting across their property.

A map of our network is shown on the F4RN – The F4RN Network page.

New customers in locations which involve extending the backbone network will be assessed on a feasibility basis, and a quotation provided.  Several new customers in a cluster make extending the network more viable.  F4RN has signed up to a Government-backed Gigabit voucher scheme  which can provide financial support for fibre installations  to small businesses (and residential properties in the same project).  Please contact us to discuss the options.

The monthly subscription is £36 monthly in advance, payable by direct debit.  These prices include VAT.

How do I sign up?

DownloadPlease contact us at and we will send you information and a contract.

When will I be connected?

We will discuss with you the likely timescale for connection, but as this is a community project we rely on availability of volunteers to arrange the installation.

telephone12What’s the Vonage offer?

When you have a  F4RN broadband connection you no longer need a traditional BT landline or line rental.  To continue using your ordinary phones, you can do this through the broadband connection using a small adapter which the phones plug into.  You will need to register with a Voice over Internet Phone (VOIP) service such as Vonage, which uses the internet to make your phone calls.

We have prepared an “FAQ” to explain how VOIP works and there are many to VOIP service providers to choose from.  Some of these can be free if you are calling people on the same system, and others have contracts, either with a monthly standing charge and a free calls allowance, or no monthly charge and pay-per call.  The link below provides a summary of some of the VoIP phone providers for the UK.

VOIP Phone Providers

Vonage is possibly the simplest VOIP service, and contracts start from around £10 a month.  You can keep your existing phone number.  Calls to non-premium UK landline numbers are free, and overseas calls significantly cheaper than landline providers.

Vonage Promotional Offer vonage

Please note that F4RN is not providing any phone services directly, and we are not affiliated to any VoIP provider.  However, Vonage have offered to give a rebate of £90 to any customers who both subscribe to F4RN broadband and sign up for Vonage.   You can use the link below, or the phone number 0333 2120147.   F4RN will obtain the cashback after you have been a Vonage customer for 3 months, and will pass it all on to you.

Vonage Offer


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