When do I cancel my existing phone contract?

Don’t cancel you existing phone contract!!

If you do, you will lose your phone number and cannot transfer it to Vonage

Talk to us and we will help you do it.  If you want to do it yourself:

When you sign up with Vonage they will give you a new (temporary) phone number – probably starting 03.
Once you have received your adapter box from Vonage and have checked that it works:

  1. Sign in to your Online Account on the Vonage web site:  https://secure.vonage.co.uk/account/login.html
  2. Go to the Summary tab, select Order Add-ons. 
  3. Click Move My Number to Vonage.
  4. Review important details about your number transfer, check box.
  5. Choose number to replace from menu (If you only have one line with Vonage then the drop down list will only show one number – select this one)
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Complete the Letter of Authority.
  8. Mark that you provide Vonage the authority to transfer and click Continue.  A confirmation message is displayed and you will receive status of your number transfer through email notifications.

Vonage will then look after everything for you.

They will let you know when your phone number will be transferred to your Vonage phone line and once the transfer has taken place your old telephone account will be cancelled automatically – you do not have to contact your existing phone company.