The Fibre Optic Network

We have started to plan the route of the fibre working on the basis that everyone in Fiskerton and Morton can be connected to the fibre optic network.  Of course this may not be possible immediately so we are also looking at a combination of fibre and high speed wireless broadband.

The map below is the first draft of the potential route to bring fibre to every property. It is provided for indication only – the route of all the fibres and the position of the access chambers will need to be discussed with the land owners and house owners so it is likely to change before we start construction.

We will update this page as the route is confirmed and we obtain the wayleaves / permissions that are needed.

Please let us have your feedback.


One thought on “The Fibre Optic Network”

  1. Wish you good luck with your work to connect rureal areas.
    We do the same in the south of the Netherlands, Now conecting the rural areas of the community of Eersel. Financed by the province of North Brabant, the networkoperator and the citizens. It is a good businessmodel than can be copied. Next year we are organising a European Smart Rural Communty event. In Cooperation with Intelleigen Communirty Forum in New York. Join us. Ask Malcom Corbett who I am


    Kees Rovers
    director Close the Gap, Nuenen in the Netherlands

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