TP-Link DECO M5 Whole Home Mesh Wifi Review

Wi-fi is a bit like black magic – sometimes it works but no one really knows why!

Before F4RN it didn’t matter if the wi-fi  was poor because the internet speed to the property was the limiting factor – but with F4RN superfast speeds of 700 – 800 Mbps, you need good wi-fi to get the best out of your connection.

“Why is my wi-fi speed sometimes brilliant and then suddenly poor?”

There are lots of factors –

  • distance from router and construction of your house,
  • reflections and blockages from household items,
  • other devices transmitting wireless signals (microwaves, DECT phones, wireless speakers, Alexas, Siris, Googles, thermostats, etc)
  • whether you are connected on the 2G or 5G wi-fi band (our routers transmit both),
  • How strongly your device can communicate to the router.

Recognising this, many F4RN customers have invested in the TP-Link DECO M5 Whole Home Mesh Wifi system – either 2 or 3 dishes depending on the size of your house.   Other similar WiFi mesh systems are available, but we have a review of the M5 if you are interested: