FAQ – WiFi

The WiFi signal does not reach throughout my whole house

The wireless signal from your router will be affected by lots of different factors – where the router is placed, the number of walls that the signal has to pass through, how thick the walls are, what else might be transmitting on the same frequency…

So although WiFi is convenient, it’s far from perfect and the best way to get the full performance from the F4RN network is to plug your computer or smart TV straight into the router when you can.

If this is not possible then it’s worth reading the Home Network Help guide that has been compiled by our friends at B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North)

The speed I get over WiFi is not as fast as I expected

The only way to get the full speed from the F4RN network is to plug straight into the router.  WiFi speeds will be slower – and will get worse as the wireless signal drops.

This was not a problem with the old broadband down the phone line as the speeds were much slower, but with F4RN running at up to 100Mbps the difference in performance is much more obvious.

What about range extenders?

These can help – see the B4RN guide at  Home Network Help 

Recently a number of “Whole Home” range extension systems have come onto the market.  These create a wireless mesh between 3 or more wireless dishes that you position around the house. We don’t have direct experience of these systems but feedback from F4RN customers has been very positive.    See

We have a full review of the DECO M5 system ->Here<-
and the Linksys Velop Mesh system ->Here<-

What else can I do?

Some F4RN customers have reported good results using high quality WiFi access points such as the Ubiquiti Unifi  UAP .  These provide excellent coverage and are designed for hotels, schools and conference centres – so easily cover a whole house, but the down side is that they are more complicated to set up.

The best answer is to extend the wired Ethernet connection from your hub to each place where you want to plug in a computer, TV, Xbox, phone…