FTTH: What is it?

ftth councilA guide published by the Fibre to the Home Council Europe – “Fibre broadband”, “high speed”, “bandwidth”, “FTTC”, “FTTB”, “FTTH”… those who are not specialists in broadband services can easily feel confused about these technologies and seemingly obscure acronyms. In order to educate the general public on fibre to the home technology, the FTTH Council Europe released this year a new guide entitled FTTH – What is it?. The Council would like this guide to enlighten the concerned but novice citizen whose life is impacted by telecommunications, yet who feels a bit lost in this environment.


This guide provides its readers with the most accurate definition of FTTH. What is optical fibre? How does it work? What are the factors that encourage fibre to the home adoption? From the individual components to the overall network infrastructure, the guide gives an overview of the fundamental elements that constitute an FTTH network and that allow the optical fibre to reach the end user’s home.

So, if you or someone you know is not familiar with FTTH technology and why it is so essential for future developments, this guide is made for you! Share and spread the word about fibre to the home!

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