Repairs and Extensions

As we are getting an increasing number of requests to install additional Ethernet ports and extensions, we’re pleased to let you know that James (5* Aerials) has confirmed that he is happy to carry out this work.  James has done a terrific job putting up all the access points and WiFi dishes for the wireless network.  If you are interested in extra Ethernet extensions (or satellite dishes and aerial replacements) then please contact him directly on 07710-270980

We also need to confirm our policy on repairs.  F4RN relies a lot on volunteers and we a generally happy to provide support and advice, however if we need to carry out a repair then it will be necessary to charge for this work at a fixed rate of £40 an hour (+VAT).

I’m sure that you will understand why this is necessary – hopefully there won’t be that many repairs to do and it’s still a lot cheaper than the BT minimum charge of £99!