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Sign UpMore than 1/3 of the properties in Fiskerton and Morton are now signed up to F4RN broadband.

If you want to join them and enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband then why not sign up now?   Remember that our plans are to connect everyone to a 100% fibre optic network which is truly future proof.

What are we offering?BB Globe

Where fibre has been installed, you will receive a 100% fibre optic connection (“Fibre to the Home” or FTTH) from day 1. We now have fibre to most of Morton and to a good proportion of Fiskerton.  The remaining properties will be connected to a high performance wireless network first.   Upgrades to fibre will be made as the fibre optic network is built out – there will be no charge for the upgrade so there is no need to wait

Everyone will be connected with a maximum speed of 100Mbps (symmetrical – so you will get up to 100Mbps download and upload)

Actual speeds will depend on the time of day and number of people connected but we will monitor load closely and increase the capacity of our network as the number of connected customers increases.

How do I get fibre?

Once we have built the fibre optic core to a point close to your property, getting fibre will involve laying a small duct (7mm diameter – so about the thickness of a TV aerial cable) to your house.  This guide provide full details of what’s involved and we will be very happy to discuss the installation with you as well as providing advice and support.

What will it cost?

The connection charge is £210.  This covers the installation and all equipment needed to provide your broadband connection

The monthly subscription is £36.  The first month is payable by cheque which will be cashed once your connection is live.  Subsequent payments will be made by Standing Order.
Both prices include VAT.

How do I sign up?

DownloadDownloadPlease download the contract and then return the completed form + a cheque for £246.  Cheques should be made payable to “Fibre for Rural Nottinghamshire”

When will I be connected?

We will try to connect everyone as soon as possible, but as this is a community project we are relying on volunteers to arrange the installation (although any work to install a wireless receiver on the roof / aerial will be carried out by a professional installer)

For some customers we may find that the wireless network does not provide a strong signal – in this case we will either:

  • install additional equipment to improve the wireless connection
  • work with you and your neighbours to accelerate the provision of a fibre optic connection

The long term goal is to provide a fibre optic connection to everyone in Fiskerton and Morton  as soon as we can – but this depends on everyone helping out, getting together with their neighbours to plan where the ducting will go and digging the ducting. 

telephone12What’s the Vonage offer?

When you have  F4RN broadband connection there is no need to keep your BT phone line.  If you still want to use a conventional phone without a BT line, then you will need to register with a “VOIP” phone service which uses the internet to make your phone calls.

We have prepared an “FAQ” to explain how VOIP works and there are many to VOIP service providers to choose from.  Some of these can be free if you are calling people on the same system, and others have contracts, either with a monthly standing charge and a free calls allowance, or no monthly charge and pay-per call.  The link below provides a summary of some of the VoIP phone providers for the UK.

VOIP Phone Providers

Vonage is possibly the simplest VOIP service.  For a monthly fee (starting from £8 a month, depending on the service you choose)  they provide a small box which plugs into the internet router and then you plug your phone into this box.  You can keep your existing phone number and calls to UK landline numbers are free.

Vonage Promotional Offer vonage

Please note that F4RN is not providing any phone services directly, and we are not affiliated to any VoIP provider.  However, Vonage have offered to give a rebate of £90 to any customers who subscribe to F4RN broadband and sign up for Vonage.   You can use the link below, or the phone number 0333 2120147.   F4RN will obtain the cashback after you have been a Vonage customer for 3 months, and will pass it on to you.

Vonage Offer


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